Want to find out more about flipr?

Our usual turnaround is within 2 working days for conversion and sending you the link, however we normally have them done and with you within 1 working day.

Your page-flip PDF will be hosted on a private cloud hosting server with a URL starting https://user-2489673548.cld.bz/ with your file name then added afterwards. This private and independent link means that the URL doesn’t show who created the PDF, so if you are an agency then the end customer can’t see who did the actual conversion. You also have the option of being sent a zip file containing all of the files required to run the page-flip brochure on your own hosting server if you would like to host it yourself.

Nope, we will host your document for as long as you require. Realistically most brochures are replaced within 2-3 years with an updated version, however if you need it for longer then no problem, we will host it for as long as you need us to. If we end up having to close our hosting at any point then we will provide you with the physical files to host the page-flip brochure yourself on your own server.

Yes, they should work on all desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones running an HTML5 browser. The page-flip brochures now no longer use Flash and are pure HTML5, ensuring widespread compatibility. The page-turn effect will appear on desktops and laptops, but currently on tablets and smartphones the transition between pages is a swipe/slide effect.

Either is fine, the software will divide the pages up into individual pages if you only have the document as two page spreads.

We would prefer the PDF to be trimmed to size and to exclude any crop marks or printers marks, however if you aren’t sure how to do this then send it over and we will trim the pages for you.